Love At First Sight Netflix (2023)

1. Love at First Sight leaves Netflix viewers sobbing as fans heap ...

  • 1 day ago · Netflix viewers have heaped praise on the streaming service's latest addition, the romantic comedy film Love at First Sight.

  • Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy star in the new romcom

2. Love at First Sight - Rotten Tomatoes

  • Movie Info ; Rating: PG-13 (Brief Strong Language|Some Suggestive References) ; Genre: Romance, Comedy ; Original Language: English ; Director: Vanessa Caswill.

  • After missing her flight from New York to London, Hadley (Haley Lu Richardson) meets Oliver (Ben Hardy) in a chance encounter at the airport that sparks an instant connection. A long night on the plane together passes in the blink of an eye but upon landing at Heathrow, the pair are separated and finding each other in the chaos seems impossible. Will fate intervene to transform these seat mates into soul mates?

3. Love at First Sight review – pleasurable enough Netflix rom-com

  • 6 days ago · “This isn't a story about love. This is a story about fate. Or statistics. Really just depends on who you're talking to,” says Jamil as fate ...

  • Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy elevate what could be a throwaway tale of a meet-cute on an international flight

4. Netflix's 'Love At First Sight' Soundtrack: All The Featured Songs

  • 2 days ago · What songs are on the Love At First Sight soundtrack? ; “Everything Goes My Way” by Tessa Rose Jackson ; “Want to Make You Proud” by Katie Herzig ...

  • The music alone will make you want to fall in love.

5. 'Love at First Sight': Everything We Know About the Netflix Romance ...

  • Jul 24, 2023 · With Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy, the film follows the serendipitous encounter of strangers Hadley and Oliver during a flight from New ...

  • Netflix's latest romance film Love at First Sight is set to stream soon and here's what we know including who stars opposite Haley Lu Richardson.

6. I Watched Love At First Sight, And Now I Want Netflix To Do More ...

  • 4 days ago · Love at First Sight is all about fate and destiny but in a realistic way. It's a chance encounter that turns into something meaningful. This ...

  • Love at First Sight changed my mind about Netflix romantic movies.

7. 'Love at First Sight' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It? - Decider

  • 5 days ago · Love at First Sight pushes through the moments where most rom-coms would end, as they land in London with an hour of the movie left and go their ...

  • The too-cutesy-by-half narrator is this rom-com’s big gimmick.

8. Love at First Sight viewers saying same thing about new Netflix rom ...

  • 2 days ago · Love at First Sight follows two young strangers Oliver and Hadley who form a romantic connection after being seated together on a flight from ...

  • Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy star in the film

9. 'Love at First Sight' adds up to Netflix's latest easy-to-like (not love) romance

  • 5 days ago · Netflix spends a lot of money on prestigious Oscar bait, but its subscriber/viewership numbers probably owe as much to the light romances ...

  • Netflix spends a lot of money on prestigious Oscar bait, but its subscriber/viewership numbers probably owe as much to the light romances that the service spits out with regularity. Add “Love at First Sight” to that column, playing like a slightly darker fairy tale – rom without much com – about the odds against finding your soulmate, filtered through one of the young lovers’ preoccupation with math.


Why I don't believe in Love at First Sight? ›

Because you need to know a person inside and out to fall in love with them. More importantly, to choose to be with and spend your entire life with. And for that, one flash or one sight is never enough. At times, it takes years to know a person, and at other times it takes a couple of days or months.

What is the Netflix airplane love story? ›

Two strangers connect on a flight to London, only to be separated by a twist of fate. A reunion seems improbable — but love has a way of defying the odds.

Is Love at First Sight Netflix based on a book? ›

Based on the novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith, Love at First Sight follows in the footsteps of hits like To All the Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth on Netflix, highlighting a story of young love mainly targeted at millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Is Love at First Sight movie based on a book? ›

The film is an adaptation of Jennifer E. Smith's novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, a title that Netflix gets its male lead to utter quite creatively at the end of the film.

Is there any truth to love at first sight? ›

Is Love at First Sight Real? It's certainly possible to fall in love at first sight—but there's a catch. You need to be able to take the time after that first meeting to really get to know each other, explains Dubrow. It's only then that you can figure out if it's a good match or not.

What is the disadvantage of love at first sight? ›

1. We don't have time to test character. When we rush into a relationship, we may not take the time to really get to know the person, especially their inner qualities. It's easy for anyone to put up a facade for a short while, but it's only after time and trials that a person's true colors shine through.

Why did Liv go to Inuvik? ›

After discovering that she is pregnant, Liv suddenly decided to leave New York City and travel to Inuvik in Northern Canada to reconnect with her estranged mother. Her flight was cancelled due to bad weather, but she was desperate to leave.

What is the Netflix series about a girl lost after a plane crash? ›

Melissa Barrera stars as a New York City lawyer whose plan to escape the chaos of her life is upended by a plane crash. Keep Breathing follows Liv Rivera, a no-nonsense New York City lawyer whose plane crashes on its way through northern Canada.

What Netflix series is based on a missing plane? ›

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared is a British docuseries released on Netflix and directed by Louise Malkinson about the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Do the cast of Love at First Sight get paid? ›

Yes. The contestants who appear on the show do get paid for their participation. While there is no prize for staying married at the end of the series, the contestants do get paid daily.

Who pays for Love at First Sight? ›

As with all 'reality' shows - the program makers pay for everything. The show pays for the weddings and gives the couple an all expense paid honeymoon plus about 110 dollars a week during the filming of the show. But they do not pay for the divorces they have all gotten afterward.

Is Netflix Married at First Sight real? ›

Married At First Sight manages to toe the line between reality and drama pretty well, but just like so many other shows in its genre, there are certain elements of the series that are absolutely fake, as revealed by the cast and crew that worked on it.

Are the marriages on love at first sight legal? ›

Once you're cast, the big rule comes into play. And, yes, the couples on Married At First Sight enter a *legally* binding union at the ceremony and everything that comes with it. You can't know who you're marrying before the ceremony.

How far apart is love is blind filmed? ›

The show has typically been filmed a year or two before it actually airs. Although the couples on "Love Is Blind" had only a short time (38 days, to be exact) to get to know each other, get engaged, and get married, they had to wait over a year to see their journey on TV and go public with their relationships.

Where is love at first sight filmed? ›

The production team tapped London Stansted Airport for the film's initial scenes, according to The Messenger. To make the location feel more welcoming, the team led by production designer Francesca Massariol added colorful patterned carpeting, upholstered seating, and vinyl to the windows and floors.

Does plane have a happy ending? ›

Although a few of the passengers were killed by the militia when they attempted to resist capture, Brodie is able to get everyone who had boarded the flight to safety. The Philippines rescue workers help escort the passengers to safety, and Brodie thanks his crew for their assistance amidst the crisis.

What is the movie about couples meeting on a plane? ›

Love at First Sight, in which Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy play two star-crossed strangers who meet-cute on an international flight, is the type of breezy, comfort-food film that should be 90 minutes and, thankfully, is.

Is the Netflix movie flight based on a true story? ›

Flight follows the fictitious story of Flight 277 and its protagonist William 'Whip" Whitaker played by Denzel Washington. The events of the film were inspired by true events involving a pilot actually inverting a commercial airplane in order to stabilize and save the lives of most of its passengers.

What is the Netflix show about flying into the night? ›

Passengers and crew aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble to outrace the sun as a mysterious cosmic event wreaks havoc on the world below. Watch all you want. Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto and Mehmet Kurtuluş head up an international cast in this sci-fi thriller.


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